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Changes to PE Kit

Having further risk assessed  the issue of bringing bags into school we have consulted with the Local Authority and have made the decision that from now on, children must come into school dressed in their PE kit rather than bringing it into school. This is in order to further reduce the risk of contamination.

These are the sections which have changed in the Re-Opening plan:

PE (Curriculum): Children must come to school wearing their PE kit when they have PE or a sports club, they can no longer bring it in a PE bag. PE kit cannot be borrowed so it is important that parents know when the class has its PE sessions, whether during or after school, so their child is dressed appropriately. PE kit can be trainers, shorts and t-shirt or tracksuit/joggers for colder weather – the colour is unimportant until things are back to normal.

School Uniform and what to bring into school: All children are required to wear our school uniform. Ideally children should have more than one set of uniform in order to be in clean clothes as often as possible. Children will need to come to school wearing their PE kit on PE or sports club days. Children must not bring bags into school. They should only bring in to school a packed lunch (if that is what they are having) a snack and a drink. No reading books or other books or toys or school equipment will be brought in to school, or sent home, until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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