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Given the current Government policy on education and the running of schools the governing bodies of the six schools listed below have been investigating the benefits of forming a Multi-Academy Trust together.

  • Duke of Bedford Primary School
  • All Saints VA Primary School
  • Castor CofE Primary School
  • Eye CofE Primary School
  • Newborough CofE Primary School
  • Peakirk-Cum-Glinton CofE Primary School

These schools share a similar ethos to ourselves and were all rated as ‘good’ schools in their last Ofsted inspection. The partnership would be a 'Multi Academy Trust' (MAT) and each school would become an Academy. Whilst being part of a Multi Academy Trust, each school would keep its own name, uniform and identity. We are proud that our proposed MAT will be a unique blend of church and non-church schools where each school can maintain their own school values. Each school would also retain much of its independence while benefiting from being part of the Trust. Church schools will continue to work alongside their local churches and the wider church community of Peterborough and beyond.

There would be increased opportunities for the children and staff to work together across the six schools and share resources and expertise; with such significant cuts to school funding, we believe that this would be a logical step towards safeguarding our future. As you may be aware, there have been many alterations in education recently and the educational landscape is changing.  As a group of schools, we are forward thinking and outward looking, and we consider the implementation of these changes will maximise the benefits for our children.

As part of our continued pursuit of excellence and continued drive to improve the outcomes for our children, the Governors of all six schools have been considering the future direction of our schools.

All six Governing Bodies’ priorities are to enable the schools to provide an excellent education for our children whilst protecting the individual school’s role at the heart of our community and retaining its unique qualities and strengths. We recognise that the role of Local Authorities in supporting schools is rapidly diminishing and that it is Government policy to encourage effective schools to become academies.

The Governing Bodies believe the best way of maintaining standards in the future, and to protect our school’s unique character, is for our schools to form a local primary school partnership. We have met with representatives of the Diocese of Peterborough and received their blessing, as well as officials from the Department of Education who are supporting us.

Each school will be providing more information for parents to further explain the reasons why we have taken these steps and what it means for your school.  If you wish to comment on the application, please do so in writing and hand it in to your school office. 

At a time when education and schools face many challenges, we as a collective strongly believe that this is the best path to control our own destiny and continue to offer the best possible outcomes for our children.