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Special Educational Needs


We make every effort to cater for children with learning difficulties, who need additional help or who are especially gifted.  The special needs co-ordinator (SENCO) works alongside classroom teachers, planning and discussing work with them to ensure that children who have learning problems work at their appropriate level and have as much individual help as practically possible.

Members of the City Council peripatetic staff also visit the school to help those children who have difficulty with reading or have emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The majority of children with special educational needs do not require statutory assessments, but if a child has major educational problems then the child may be referred to other advisory specialists, including an educational psychologist, for a fuller assessment. Before this happens, the child’s parents/guardians are always consulted and given the opportunity to express their views. Where required, the local education authority will make arrangements to develop an education, health and care plan (EHC) setting out the child’s needs and the provision to be made. Full details of this process are contained in the School Policy for Special Educational Needs and the SEND report below.