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Year 3

Wednesday 1st April

Hello Class 3, 
It's April the 1st which is April Fools day. 
Did you know that in France, April 1st is called “Poisson d’Avril.” French children fool their friends by taping a paper fish to their friends’ backs. When the “young fool” discovers this trick, the prankster yells “Poisson d’Avril!” (April Fish!). 
Let's hope I don't get caught out today.
Here are today's tasks. 
  1. Spend 10 minutes reading to an adult and record in your reading diary. 
  2. English. Complete the tenses worksheet. You can fill in the missing words on the word document or write the missing words in your green lined book.  Tenses-worksheet.pdf Tenses-worksheet.doc
  3. Maths: Division with pictures 2. Please complete the attached division sheet. Division-with-pictures-2.docx Division-with-pictures-2.pdf You can mark yesterdays work using the attached answer sheet.  Division-with-pictures-answers.pdf
  4.  History – Hill forts and the Iron age. Go on to the DK Find out website and explore the section on the Iron age. You can look at Hill forts, Village life and Celtic crafts – can you find the funny fact about a Bronze Torc?
  5. Reading Comprehension: Tom’s exciting morning. Read the text and complete activity 1.  Toms-exciting-morning-comprehension.docx Toms-exciting-morning-comprehension.pdf
  6. Education City: Complete the tenses activity. 
  7. PE: Work out with Joe Wicks. Join in with Joe at 9am tomorrow. I'll be doing the workout at home, ask Joe to give you a shout out.
Have a lovely day
From Miss Markham

Tuesday 31st March

Hello Class 3. 
I hope you had a good day yesterday and are getting back into your home learning routine. It is good to see many of you have been onto Mathletics and Education City to complete the set tasks. Keep up the good work. 
Congratulations to Ethan and Chelsea who completed the 8 division test and have now achieved their Silver badge. If you would like to know the result of the last times table test, send me an email. (enquiries@dukeofbedford.peterborough.sch.uk). 
Here is today's interesting fact; The longest place name in the world belongs to Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu, in New Zealand. It is a Maori word for a hill in the country's North Island. The place name is 85 letters long! Thank goodness it isn't one of our weekly spellings. How many letters do you think are in the shortest place name?
Todays tasks are:
  1. Reading task: Read a book with an adult for 15 minutes and record in your reading diary. Discuss where the story is set. Can you describe it?
  2. Speech Marks: Correct and copy out the sentences, in the attached sheet, in your lined English book.  Be-the-Teacher.pdf
  3. Maths: Division using pictures. Complete the calculations on the attached sheet in your squared maths book. Division-with-pictures.docx Division-with-pictures.pdf  You can mark Friday's work using the attached answer sheet  Division-of-tens-numbers-answers.docx Division-of-tens-numbers-answers.pdf
  4. Art: Last week you were set the task of creating a rainbow picture to put in your window at home. I hope you enjoyed creating your pictures and seeing how many you could find during your walk around the village. This week I would like you to create a sunshine picture. Later in the week you can go for a walk around the village to see how many there are. 
  5. Mathletics: Please complete the assigned task.
  6. PiXL Unlock: Spend 10 minutes on the PiXL vocabulary app, practising the Year 3/4 common exception words. 
  7. PE: I hope you enjoyed Joe Wick's workout this morning. Join in again tomorrow. I have been keeping fit by joining in with my children. 
  8. Don't forget to keep practising your weekly spellings and times tables. 
Have a lovely day. 
From Miss Markham


Monday 30th March

 Hello Class 3.  

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Here is your interesting fact for today, it is impossible for most people to lick their own elbow. I had a try and I definitely can't! Can you?

Here are your tasks for today: 

  1. Reading task: Read your book with an adult for 15 minutes and record in your reading diary. How many verbs are in the first 3 sentences. 
  2. English: See attached sheet  Writing-task.docx Writing-task.pdf  
  3. Maths: Division of tens numbers. Please see attached sheet Division-of-tens-numbers.docx Division-of-tens-numbers.pdf You can mark your work from Friday  Dividing-by-8-answers.pdf
  4. Music: Practice playing elephants. Perform Little Fly for your parents/carers. I have tried to attached the backing track but I am not sure if it will work! Track03.cda
  5. Reading comprehension: Pet Care of a cat. In the document there are 3 levels of the reading comprehension task.I would like you to read the text and answer the questions that go with it. Pages 1-3 are the easy section, with answers on page 4. Pages 5-7 are a harder set with answers on page 8. The challenging section is on pages 9-12 with answers on page 13-14. You can select which section you would like to complete  Pet-Care-of-a-Cat-Differentiated-Reading-Comprehension-Activity.pdf
  6. Education City: Please complete the parts of the plant activity. 
  7. PE: Go onto youtube and choose 2 'Just Dance' routines to join in with. Tomorrow, at 9 am, have another go at Joe Wicks' workout on youtube. 

You may have finished reading the reading scheme books that were sent home. Oxford Owl have free ebooks available for children to read. To access them all you need to do is type in Oxford Owl.  Oxford Owl for home.  Go to 'ebooks' then 'ebook library' to 'levels' then to 'book bands' Then choose the band your child is on and you have access to the books.  You can hear then read or they can read them themselves.  There are activities for your child to do on each book too.  

Have a lovely day. 

From Miss Markham

Friday 27th March

Hello Class 3, 

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday and building your Hill fort. 

Here is an interesting fact for you - crocodiles can't stick their tongues out, but alligators can!

Here are your daily tasks: 

  1. Reading task: Read your book with an adult for 15 minutes and record in your reading diary. Find an unusual place to read. 
  2. English: Ask your parent/carer to test you on last week's spellings. There is a spelling test sheet in the attached document or you can write them in your lined book. New spellings. This week's spellings all belong to a word family. The root word is appear. All the other words have either prefixes, suffixes or both. Discuss with your parents what the words mean and then complete the activities on the spelling sheet. This can be done in your lined book if you are unable to print it out.  Spellings-27.3.20.pdf Spellings-27.3.20-1.docx
  3. Maths: Dividing by 8. Please complete the attached sheet in your squared maths book.  Dividing-by-8.docx Dividing-by-8.pdf You can mark your work from yesterday.  Word-problems-answers.docx Word-problems-answers.pdf
  4. Reading comprehension: Please complete page 6 of the Easter Bonnet competition, which is all about prepositions. You can write the answers in your lined English book. You do not need to copy out all the sentences. Answers are at the end of the booklet. 
  5. Mathletics: Please complete the assigned mathletics activity.
  6. PiXL unlock: Logon and practise the Year 3 and 4 words.
  7. French and PE: Practise counting to 10 in French, forwards and backwards, walking up and down the stairs, 10 times. Encourage your parents/carers to join in with you as you count. 

Here is a little extra suggestion, which is optional. Its a Harry Potter Digital Escape Room. You can complete it with your family or on your own and you can try it multiple times. Just follow this link:



Try This Free Harry Potter Virtual Escape Room with Your Kids - NJ Family

Thanks to an amazing librarian, your kids can work their way through a Harry Potter virtual escape room and solve mysteries of the Wizarding World.




Have a lovely weekend

From Miss Markham


Thursday 26th March

Hello Class 3,

Day 3 and the sun is still shining. I hope you had a lovely time walking around the village yesterday. 

Here are your tasks for today:

  1. Reading task: Read your book with an adult for 15 minutes and record in your reading diary. Find a cosy place to read. 
  2. English: Prepositions of time. Complete the work on the attached sheet in your lined book Prepositions-of-time-task-2.docx Prepositions-of-time-task-2.pdf You can also mark your work from yesterday  Preposition-of-time-answers.docx Preposition-of-time-answers.pdf
  3. Maths: Word problems using short multiplication. Complete the work on the attached sheet in your squared Maths book  Word-problems.docx Word-problems.pdf You can mark your work from yesterday  Short-Multiplication-task-2-answers.docx Short-Multiplication-task-2-answers.pdf
  4. History. This term we have been learning about the Stone age and Bronze Age. Now I would like you to learn about the Iron Age. Attached is a powerpoint about Hill forts. It gives an short explanation about the Iron Age and when it started. It also explains what a Hill fort is. I would like you to read through the powerpoint with a parent or carer and then create your own Hill fort. This could be using sheets and blankets to make a Hill fort you can sit in,  a model made out of lego or even a drawing. You can decide. If you decide to make a Hill fort using sheets and blankets, you could facetime a friend and show them round!  Hill-forts.pdf
  5. Education City: Please complete the Multiplication by 4 task
  6. PiXL maths: Please logon to the PiXL maths app and practise your times tables. 
  7. PE: Kids workout. You could try this workout on youtube Kids Workout 1 beginners. Encourage your parents or siblings to join in!
     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_A_HjHZxfI  You may also like to go out for a walk and enjoy the good weather, but please remember the 2 metre distancing rule. 
  8. Spellings: Continue to practise your weekly spellings. 

For parents: We all understand what a difficult but amazing job you are doing at home to continue and support your childs learning. 

Here is a link to a website with tips and lnks for learning at home http://www.bedrocklearning.org/blog/parents-school-closure-survival-guide/

Hope you have another good day 

From Miss Markham


Wednesday 25th March
Good morning Class 3. I hope you enjoyed your first day of home learning and have enjoyed showing your parents what you can do!
Attached documents are now available in word and PDF versions. Hopefully this will solve any problems with the format. 
Here are todays tasks:
  1. Reading task: Read your book with an adult for 15 minutes and record in your reading diary. Discuss the main characters in the story. Can you describe them?
  2. English task: Complete the prepositions of time sheet in your lined English book Preposition-of-time.pdf Preposition-of-time.docx You can mark your work from yesterday. Some sentences have more than one answer  Prepositions-of-place-answers.pdf
  3. Maths: Complete the attached sheet on short multiplication Short-Multiplication-task-2.docx Short-Multiplication-task-2.pdf You can mark your work from yesterday using the attached answer sheet  Short-Multiplication-task-1-answers.pdf
  4. Reading Comprehension: I would like you to continue looking at the Easter Bonnet Competition document. Please complete page 4 which is about word definitions. You can copy the sentences in your lined book or match the words and definitions on a word document - if you have access to word. The answers to these are at the end of the document. 
  5. Topic/PE: We have started to look at plants during our Science work. In our first lesson we looked at the name and function of the main plant parts. Today I would like you to go for a walk around the village with a parent/carer and see how many flowering spring plants you can find. You may see some flowers on trees too. Discuss the names of the plants with your parents/carers. If possible, I would also like you to take a photo of one of your favourite flowering plants. While you are walking around the village, see how many rainbow pictures you can find. This activity will be your PE for the day. 
  6. Mathletics: Please log on to Mathletics and complete the assigned activity linked to Multiplication. It appears a large number of children are trying to access this website so you may need to be patient or go on later in the day. 
  7. PiXL unlock. Logon to the PiXL vocabulary app, which is an orange colour. The logon details are at the top of the login sheets we sent home. You will need to put the pixl id code in first, this is DB4424, then type in your username, which is a 6 digit number and then the password, which is a mixture of numbers and words.  I am not setting work on the maths app but if your child would like to use it then they will need the same login details. The children use the yellow times table PiXL maths app at school. 
Enjoy your day. 
From Miss Markham
Tuesday 24th March
Good Morning Class 3. I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to your daily learning tasks. 
Happy Birthday Flo W, I hope you had a fabulous birthday yesterday?
Here are todays tasks:
  1. Reading task: Read your book with an adult for 15 minutes and record in your reading diary. Look at the first 3 sentences you read, can you identify the nouns?
  2. English. Complete the attached sheet about prepositions in your lined English book. (Answer sheet will be provided tomorrow)  Prepositions-of-place.doc
  3. Maths. Complete the work on the attached sheet on Short Multiplication. The sums can be written out in your squared Maths book. (Answer sheet will be provided tomorrow)  Short-Multiplication-task-1.docx
  4. Reading comprehension. Complete the 12 questions about the Easter Bonnet Poster. The reading comprehension document is attached with a document explaining what to do. The answers to the questions are at the end of the document. Please don't complete any of the other activities as they will be set later in the week.  Easter-Bonnet-Competition-instructions.docx Easter-Bonnet-Competition.pdf
  5. Education City. Please log on and complete the set homework task about prepositions. 
  6. Art. I would like you to create a rainbow picture to put in one of your windows. A number of children are being asked to do this so that you can see how many rainbows you spot when you go out for a walk. Your rainbow can be created using paint, paper, felt tips, crayons or anything else you may have at home. You may also like to add a message to your rainbow for people to read. 
  7. PE. Joe Wicks is delivering a daily workout on his youtube channel for everyone to join in with. Me and my children gave it a go today. All you need to do is to go to his youtube channel, The Body Coach TV, at 9 am and there will be a live feed of his workout. Don't forget to put your PE kit on, you might work up quite a sweat, I'm still recovering. 
From Miss Markham