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Year 5

Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning! 

Hope you are all well. Just thought I would give you an update.  When Mrs Brown returns I have accepted a part in Eastenders! It will be a little different to the classroom but I can't wait to be famous again!

In the meantime here is today's work

1.  Reading:  Please complete the LBQ reading comprehension task 2. It is labelled Wednesday. The code is z3q

2.  Literacy: Please use PIXL Unlock for 20 minutes. Following on from yesterday (re-cap power point if you need a refresh) I have attached a work sheet on commas. There is 1*, 2**           and 3***. You guys know which one you need to complete to challenge yourselves. Please can you write the questions out in your green book, including date and title. Then self-mark       using the answers.  Wednesday-1.4.20-Comma-Activity.pdf

3.  Numeracy: Please use the PIXL Times table app for 20 mins. Then you can complete the first 2 new tasks I have set on Mathletics.  Please revise the power point from yesterday if you feel this would be beneficial (meaning can everyone do this as I know it's hard). I have also attached some work sheets on fractions/decimals. Remember the answers are there for you to self-mark.  Maths-1.4.20.pdf Maths-2-1.4.20.pdf

4.  Handwriting: Copy your spellings into your green book (you can use the back).  The words should be joined and if you have a pen please use it. 

5.  PE: Have you completed Joe Wicks' PE session today? Lillie and I are doing them, well I am trying! 

6.  French: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc7wjOm7Anc


Learn French - Days of the week in French - French Lessons

Learn French. Days of the week in French. This French lesson teaches the days of week in French. Jingle Jeff's fun, music video has children and beginners speaking,singing and remembering each day of the week in the French language in minutes. Great interactive educational fun for the whole family. These basic French lessons are specially ...



Please visit this page on You Tube to revise the days of the week. 

Please don't forget the Education City tasks. They are there to enhance what you are learning, I can see who has been completing them ........... I know there were issues last week. But they are all sorted now! 

Have a good day! 

PS, Did you spot my April Fool????? 

Mrs H 

Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning Year 5!  Hope you are well today. 

1. Reading: Please complete the LBQ reading comprehension labelled 'Tuesday' the code is 7ba

2. Literacy: After you have completed the reading task on LBQ there is a task to complete on commas. I will check this tonight to see how you guys have got on. 

3. Numeracy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Xt4UDk7Kzw

Here is a link to a video about changing decimals to fractions . I know this is a new topic, and sometimes this can be daunting. But we will take our time and do the best we can. There is also a worksheet to complete and answers included. You could print the worksheets, or to save paper complete them in your maths books by copying and answering. Remember to put the date at the top of the page and the title 'Decimals as Fractions'  Tuesday-31.3.20-Maths-sheet-1.pdf

4. Art: The challenge is for children to put pictures of sunshine's in their windows this week. Why not try having a go? But ask your parents if it's OK to put one in your window first!

5. PE: Make sure you are getting daily exercise. Have you checked out fitness blender? Plenty on there to keep you moving 

Speak tomorrow 

Mrs H 

Monday 30th March

Good Morning Year 5!

I really hope you had a restful weekend and are ready for some more challenges. 
This week sees us starting new topics in English, Maths and Topics. I am really going to try my best to give you all the knowledge you need. It is hard when I can't actually teach you in person, but don't forget there is loads of help and support out there online and I am only an email away! 
I know there were some issues with Education City last week, these have now been fixed! Please keep letting me know if there are any more issues. 
So jobs for today:
Can you ask an adult/carer/sibling to test you on your spellings from last week? 
Then record your score in the back of your book. I can then log them for you when we return. 
Your new spellings are in your pack and they have the date 30th March at the top. 
Reading:  Please read at least three pages from your free reading book. Can you record this in your reading diary (as well as all the other reading you are doing)
Literacy: We are going to have look at commas this week. I know we have touched on them before but what I want to do is make sure you now start using them in your work more frequently and also from our latest PIXL assessments I have identified this is an area we need to focus on. 
To have a recap and revise there is a power point below that revises some of the concepts. You do not need to record your answers, you can check them on the next slide as I have included the answers for you. It might be fun to do this with an adult or sibling. But equally you can complete this task on your own  Monday-30.3.20-Commas.pptx
Once you have done this I have set some tasks on Education City for you to look at and complete. 
Numeracy: I have been really impressed with the amount of Mathletics you guys have completed. I have set the Mathletics module based on our new maths topics. I will let you know when to complete these.
So today we are going to complete what would have been our apprentice. (see below) and we need to remember the most important thing about an apprentice is that it is OK to NOT know the answer. We are seeing what you need to know. Then when you complete the master we can see how much you have learnt! These are going to help us so much when you return, as we can see where you have progressed and where we may need to revisit!   Year-5-Apprentice-30.3.20.docx
Topic: We are going to look at one of my favourite geography subjects ' Natural Disasters' We are going to find out why things happen, and what part we play and humans play. 
First up is Volcanoes, I have attached a power point. There is loads and loads of reading on here. please read the information. If you come across words you do not understand you can ask an adult or use an online dictionary  Volcanoes-Monday-30.3.20.ppt
It would be helpful if you could make some notes in the back of your book for the work I will be setting this week. 
And the part you have all been waiting for, my riddle of the week! 
Hardest one : What 8 letter word can have a letter taken away and it still makes a word. Take another letter away and it still makes a word. Keep on doing that until you have one letter left. What is the word?
Easier : What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?
Keep Learning Year 5!
Mrs H 


Friday 27th March

Good Morning! We made it to Friday!

Our first week of home learning. I have been looking at your Mathletics and Education City participation. I am so pleased with the effort most of you are making, I knew you would make me proud. But most importantly, you are making yourselves proud. 

So I have had a look at the prodigy score and the top 3 players are...

1.Nevaeh M 

2. Edward

3. Alfred

Now let's get to it, here are today's tasks

1. I have set the last comprehension task for volcanoes on LBQ. The code is ngu.

2. I would like you to write a review of your first week being home schooled. Tell me how it went, how you felt. What was the best bit? What was the worst? Do you think we should learn like this all the time? Have you managed to stay motivated, or is it harder at home? Did you wear uniform or your pj's? Can you complete this in your green writing book, remembering to write the date and the title 'My first Week of Home Learning'. Remember to use your adverbials of time, frequency and place. You have your word mat in your pack to help you. This will be the end of us looking at adverbials and we shall be moving onto a new literacy focus next week. 

3.  Now you should have a final draft of your poem based on the poem 'The Sea'. Today I would like you to decorate your poem. We are going to draw a detailed picture around the poem, or over it. That brings it to life. There is an example below called 'seahorses'. Seahorses

4. In numeracy today I would like you to complete the 'master' I have prepared. You can work through the questions on the sheet if you have access to printing, if not you will be able to complete them by copying the questions into your yellow maths books. 

I have included the answers and I am trusting you to mark them and be honest. Pink and green for marking please.  Friday27-3-20-Testbase.pdf

5. Topic. I would like you to begin making a tourist information poster/leaflet for The Northern Lights. I have put an example below. You can use the information that you have been gathering the past few days. You can do this on paper and stick it into your green book, alternatively you could do it straight in your book. I would not expect this to be finished today. Leaflet Example 27.3.20

As it is the weekend, and I know how many of you love Harry Potter, here is a link to a Hogwarts Escape Room! It is full of reading, problem solving and puzzles! Grown ups can even join in.


Do you remember my riddle? 

What is red and goes up and down, up and down?

A tomato in a lift of course! Bet you can't wait for the next one on Monday! 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Mrs H 



Thursday 26th March

 Good Morning Year 5

I hope you are all ok and getting through the work set! Remember to keep reading and keep a log of all the books that you have read in your green book. I am trying to find a great book for when you finish our class novel! I wonder if any of you have finished it yet.....
Let's get to work and keep our brains busy!
1. Please complete the next reading comprehension task I have set on LBQ. This follows on from yesterdays task on volcanoes. The code is 5oq (lower case letter o)
2. Can you now move onto Literacy. We are going to finish writing your own version of 'The Sea' then tomorrow I am going to set you an art task to complete this piece of work. 
Once you have finished your version of the poem, why not read it to an adult or sibling. They can then give you feedback and you can make any changes. (much like peer editing in school, you could even use an orange pen if you have one!)
Then you will need to write the final version in neat on a new page. Don't forget to date your work so I can track the draft and final version.  Also those of you that have handwriting pens will need to use these in your final edit. 
3. Numeracy. 
Yesterday we looked at translating from co-ordinates. Today is the same and if you are finding it tricky then there is a great video on You Tube that explains it clearly and here is the link  https://youtu.be/8Dtz5fBe7_Q
Today I have set an extension on Education City for you  on translations. I have been quite mean, but I know you like a challenge year 5! So I have set you a harder piece today. Please remember to complete the work from yesterday as well if you haven't already, as this will help you with today's task! The task is titled Thursday 26th March . 
4. Topic 
Yesterday you made a fact file on the Northern Lights. Today if you have access to the internet, I would like you to have a look at some of the tourist websites that offer trips to see them. Can you make note of the language they are using? what are they offering? what makes up the package ? (flights, hotel etc) what are they using to make the the customers want to go there? 
If you do not have access to the internet, can you write down what you think would make you want to visit a place? what kind of advert would you respond to? What language do we use that makes people want to buy, visit places etc. 
You can all keep your topic books handy when watching the TV , are there any thing in the adverts that you see? Could you magpie any of the ideas for your tourist leaflet? 
5. PE 
Have a look at Les Mills workouts on You Tube. Could you complete one of the Zumba work outs? Maybe split the 30 minute sessions into two fifteen minute slots. 
Additional tasks. 
I think today would be a good day for a Prodigy challenge? I will check the scores tonight at 7pm and let you know the results tomorrow
You should be reading everyday, and recording it in your reading diary. Remember reading is not only a great way to escape but it supports your creativity and vocabulary too. 
Don't forget to practice those spellings! the test will still be every Monday. 
Have you worked out my riddle yet?
What is red and goes up and down, up and down? 
Speak tomorrow 
Mrs H 


Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning Year 5! 

I hope yesterday's learning went well and that you are ready for some more! 

Did you know in 421 on this day, Venice (the Italian City) was founded.....

Today's tasks are: 

1. I have set an LBQ task. This is a reading comprehension and the code is na8 

2. In your packs is a poem called ‘The Sea’

This week we are going to look at this poem with the aim of writing our own. You have looked at poems before however, this time I am wanting you to use adverbials of frequency in your work. There is a word mat in your pack with all types of adverbials on it and this will help you later on in the task. So yesterday we read the poem and annotated it! I wish there was a way I could see all your wonderful work! But now we are going to have a look at writing our own verse 1 and 2. The writer uses the word ‘And’ quite a lot. I want you to have a go in your own writing to replace these with adverbials of frequency. An example of this could be to replace the line

‘And when the night wind roars’ replaced with ‘Often when the night wind howls’  

Those of you who want a challenge (and by that I mean most of you!) you can find an online thesaurus and really get working on expanding the vocab you are using.

(Parents I have attached a completed version so you can see what we are aiming for)  Poem-Example-Wednesday-25.3.20.docx

3. Now you lucky lot! If we were in school we would be getting close to taking our maths apprentice. We have looked at angles and now I want to try and look at translation using co-ordinates. I have attached a power point that I would have used in the lesson. I have adapted the slide show to include the answers as well. This is a new concept for you all but you have the basic knowledge of translations to enable you to now progress  Wednesday-25.3.20-PP-Translation.pptx

You can complete the work in your yellow maths books, remember to date your work.

The answers are there for you to be able to chart your progress, but to also assist you if you feel you are struggling. Ideally you could work through with an adult/sibling then check your answer before moving on.

4.Don’t forget you have PIXL timetables to use and the LBQ extension I have set is a revision of other subjects.

Please contact me with any issues

5. Topic - We started to look at Norway and in particular the Northern Lights.

Using your green writing book, it would be great if you could start compiling a fact file.  This could be in a thought shower, note form, boxes of facts etc. .The fact file should be about The Northern Lights and their place in Norway. We are going to use this information at the end of the week to make a tourist brochure

6. In addition to this, I have set you an Education City task that will help with using adverbials and translating shapes.

7. There is also plenty on Mathletics following our angle work. I am going to have a check on Friday and see how you have all been getting on.

8. I have also set an extension task for maths on LBQ. I believe the code is also na8 and you will need to choose the option ‘Wednesday Maths’

Keep calm and carry on learning 

Mrs Howard 

Tuesday 24th March

Good Morning Year 5!

First of all can we say a belated birthday to Oscar! Hope you had a lovely day.

So, the work starts here. Remember we talked about how you need to take ownership of your learning and really show us what you're made of! 

Here are a few answers to some questions I have been asked:

Our school log in for PIXL is DB4424. You will need to put this into the school ID then use your password and username (these are in your packs)

LBQ does not need a password, only a code. If I have set a task on LBQ then I will give you the code in the list of tasks.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions. 

Here are today's tasks: 

Reading: Please read for 20 mins either a free reading book or a banded book. Please record this is your reading diary. 

Writing: In your packs is a poem called ‘The Sea’

This week we are going to look at this poem with the aim of writing our own. You have looked at poems before however, this time I am wanting you to use adverbials of frequency in your work. There is a word mat in your pack with all types of adverbials on it and this will help you later on in the task.

First job for today is to copy out the poem into your green writing book. I would like you to use this as a chance to practice your joined handwriting. Those of you who have been challenged to use a pen may also wish to do so (You have these in your packs).

Once you have done that I would like you to annotate the poem (write your thoughts and feelings when reading it) around the poem. You may do this in another colour but please be cautious of presentation. You should have the date and the title is ‘The Sea’ .(Think about how we did this with the poem 'Tyger Tyger') 


In your packs there are three sheets on Angles. These three sheets have answers on the back so you can identify them.  You can then mark them by using the answers attached. You can stick them in your Maths book if this is possible

After this you can use Mathletics to complete 2 tasks. If you look at the titles you can complete those related to Angles.  

It would also be beneficial to do the 2 mins times tables test. You can ask a parent/carer/sibling to give you a test on what you were working on in school. However if you have moved onto decimals I think it would be a good idea to revise all the tables as it has been a while since you did these.

These are also things that need completing today:

Can you ask an adult/carer/sibling to test your spellings from last week?

Then record your score in the back of your green book, then I can record these when we return.

Your new spellings are in your pack with the date 24th March at the top. 

Also don’t forget it’s so important to do some physical activity today. Why not try out Joe Wicks’ online PE lesson  (You Tube)

Oh and just for fun here is a riddle........

What is red and goes up and down, up and down? (I will let you know the answer on Friday!)

 Keep calm and keep learning

 Mrs Howard