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Governors’ Report to Parents

July 2016

Over the past year Governors have worked hard to ensure that the quality of education for your children is of the highest standard. This report is intended to show you, as parents, some of the things that we do as we monitor the work of the school. As Governors we have a responsibility to work with the Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team and staff to provide an exciting and vibrant learning environment for the pupils at the school.

The Governors at the school come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have experience in education, while others bring skills from other areas, including finance, senior management and personnel.  All of course have a keen interest in ensuring that the school is the best it can be and that it plays an active part in the life of the community.  This year we have welcomed several new Governors, including Hayley Shirley, Beth Leaton and Gareth Baron Recently we have also said goodbye to Simon Kaye and Gavin Hammond. Their contributions to the Governing Body were much appreciated and will be greatly missed.

In the past year there have been many changes to the curriculum and assessment and this has placed a huge workload on teachers. The Governing Body have worked hard to make sure that they have a detailed knowledge of the changes and have been able to continue their monitoring and evaluation so that they have a clear picture of standards within the school.  Throughout the year we have received presentations from members of staff on different areas of the curriculum, including the new curriculum, Maths, English, Special Needs, PE and the Sports Premium. These presentations have enabled us to focus our visits in school on key areas.  Throughout the year we have built up relationships with staff so that we are able to maintain a balance between support and challenge. – we hope we achieve this.

The village Pre-School closed at Christmas and, since then, the village has been without this important facility. We are very pleased to say that, from October, we will have a Pre-School operating from the Duke of Bedford School with plenty of spare places. The school will be housed in the Children’s Centre and will allow youngsters to become familiar with and integrated into the main school for that all-important transition into Reception Class.

When the privately run Before and After School Club closed at Easter, we decided the school should run them directly. We have created new accommodation within the school, allowing us to cater for more children and provide breakfasts for early drop-offs. There is now no waiting list for places and feedback from parents and children has been fantastic. Governors had the opportunity to visit the B & T Club at its recent Open Afternoon, and it was a pleasure to be shown round the facilities by the children. They are certainly very proud of the amenities!

Both these facilities are or will be a real asset to the school and of great benefit to the children of the village. However it has to be recognised that amenities such as these do take considerable organization and a great deal of time.  The Governors at the school would like to acknowledge the hard work that has been undertaken by the Senior Leadership Team at the school and by the leaders of the B & T club. Their commitment has ensured the success of these projects and we are sure that you as parents would like to join us in acknowledging their achievements.

We are delighted to hear that the school has recently been awarded the Achievement for All quality mark. The aim of this programme is to ensure that all children can access the curriculum and achieve their maximum potential. Staff, pupils and parents have all contributed enormously to make a success of this and we were extremely proud of the feedback we received from the assessor. The Quality Mark will now be displayed in the school entrance.

SATs took place as usual this year. Governors went in to school to ensure that tests were conducted appropriately. Because of changes in the curriculum, the tests this year were rather different. Governors have already received information on the results and in future meetings will be looking at what these changes have meant for the school.

The Governing Body has particular responsibility for ensuring that the budget is spent wisely. Budget cuts have been imposed for the coming year and this means that there will be little money to spare.  Governors monitor spending carefully and there is little waste in school, but we will be keeping a keen eye on finance in the next few months to ensure that we keep spending to the necessary limits.

Finally the Governing Body would like to thank the staff at the school for their hard work and commitment to the education of the pupils at the Duke of Bedford Primary School. We as a Governing Body will continue to make every effort to ensure the success of the school and look forward to working with you as parents and with the staff at the school to provide the very best education for the children of the village.