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Activities at home

Friday 5th June

Morning Preschool, it's Friday already this week has gone very fast hasn't it. Last day of our carrot club book today so let’s get busy! Have a great weekend, from Kelly.

1.Song: Our Friday song from the days of the week song. Let’s get active with doing some star jumps and hopping to the song.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/curations/days-of-the-week

2.Fine motor skills: I have some worksheets on the link to help you with your cutting skills, remember to always be careful when using scissors and try and follow the dotted lines.  t-tp-1280-carrot-club-cutting-skills-activity-sheet-ver-1.pdf

3.Maths: Size order - Using the worksheets on the link print them off and the aim is to cut out the vegetables. An adult can help if you need them to and once they have been cut out, can you arrange them in size order starting from smallest to biggest. You can do one sheet or you can challenge yourself and do all three. Remember to upload them so I can see your arranging. If it is easier for the younger children they can tell their adult which they think is smallest to largest and the adult can number them.  t-or-155-carrot-club-size-ordering-ver-2.pdf 

4.Craft: Can you make a carrot club puppet? It can be any character from the story and you can use any materials you can think of. I can't wait to see all your creations. 

Extra challenge for school starters 

Writing: On the link are some pencil control sheets, let’s see how well your pencil control has got. I bet you have all been practicing.  t-or-154-carrot-club-pencil-control-activity-sheets.pdf 

START: R-ready to use different tools- Use different tools like pencils, crayons and paintbrushes to practice drawing and painting.  

Thursday 4th June

Hello Preschool, I’m missing seeing you all. I really hope you are enjoying the new activities and the book ‘Carrot club’, I think it is great. Have a lovely day from Kelly.

1.Song: Days of the week - 'Thursday' let’s get moving to the song and make some new actions to the song, let’s get those legs and arms moving for the start of the day. https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/curations/days-of-the-week

2.Physical: Try making your own obstacle course. You could use cushions, toys or slides experimenting different ways to move around them. Also maybe try moving around like your favourite animal maybe a monkey or a dog. 

3.Phonics/Crafts: Can you design your own healthy lunchbox adding some of the vegetables from the story? An extra challenge for the school starters - you could write what you have inside your lunch box.  You can either write this yourself or an adult can do the dots for you, then you can trace over them.  I would love to see these on tapestry.  t-or-164-carrot-club-healthy-lunchbox-differentiated-activity-sheets-ver-5.pdf

4.Maths: Help your adult prepare some snacks today. Maybe have something from the story or some fruit.  As you or your adult cuts them up, you can be counting the pieces and see what number you can count to.

Extra challenge for school starters: 

Maths: Try doing the carrot club addition worksheet, remember to touch count to help you.  t-or-175-carrot-club-addition-to-10-activity-sheet.pdf 

Phonics: Keep practicing your name all by yourself. Once you can do this, you could try writing some of your family members' names, for example mummy, daddy or even your sisters' or brothers' names.

START: A- asking for help- Encourage your child to have a go at things and to ask for help if they need it.

Wednesday 3rd June

Hello Preschool, hope you have been enjoying all the sun? I have been loving it. 

We are going to change the way we do our home learning starting today, we will be basing our activities around a different book each week, I hope you will enjoy it and find it fun, from Kelly

This week’s book is ‘Carrot club’.  If you have not got the book you can click on the link to listen to the story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSvSi29krQo

1.Song: We will continue with our days of the week song from CBeebies.  So today we will listen to Wednesday. So click on the link and get yourself motivated for today.  Let’s see some different actions.https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/curations/days-of-the-week

Days of the Week Songs - CBeebies - BBC

Have fun singing along to the days of the week songs.


2.Physical: Go for a scooter ride with your family and see how many different ways you can ride it.  You could go down hills, ride over bumps or even scoot in and out of objects. 

3.Phonics/crafts: Try drawing your own picture of one of the characters from the story.  See if you can use the correct colours of the vegetables and then try sounding out the names of them.  Listen and see if you can hear any of the same letters from your name.  You can use the link below to print off a portrait frame to draw your vegetable in and maybe give it a name.  t-or-166-carrot-club-giuseppe-arcimboldo-fruit-and-vegetable-portrait-art-activity.pdf 

4.Maths: With help from an adult, can you count how many vegetables you have in your fridge. Talk to your adult about them and how many there are of each. Ask your adult which ones they like and do not like.  See if they are the same as you. 

5.School leavers extra challenge 

Phonics: try doing the word search based on the story you have just heard. See how many you can find by yourself, you can always ask for help if you find it tricky. t-or-151-carrot-club-word-search-ver-1.pdf  

START: To help your child get ready for school, in the evening ask them about their day. 


Tuesday 2nd June

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely half term break! The weather has been beautiful so I’m sure you have all been spending lots of time outside and enjoying the sun in your gardens. 

We are looking forward to seeing some of you back at Preschool today and the rest of you we hope to see soon, but in the meantime keep staying safe and enjoy the home learning activities! Have a lovely day! - Hannah x 

1.Days of the week song. Listen to the ‘CBeebies Monday’ song and have a dance to it to get you up and ready for your Monday! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HvtZFnILvmY


CBeebies: Monday Song

Sing along with the CBeebies Monday Song! Visit CBeebies at http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies to find even more fun games and videos for your pre-schooler in a s...


2.Physical - Go outside and enjoy a walk today with those in your household. Whilst on your walk, see how many different colours you can spot in the environment around you. Make sure you have your hats and sun cream on if it’s another hot day!

3.Phonics/mark making - Draw a picture of something you’ve enjoyed doing during your time at home. This could be doing gardening, playing in the garden, baking or maybe even splashing in a paddling pool! Talk to your adult about what you have drawn and what is happening on the picture. Try and think of the different sounds you heard when doing your activity you are drawing.

4.Maths - Try and find all opportunities to incorporate maths into your Monday. Look at the clocks throughout the day and look at the time and discuss the numbers, sequence your day letting your child know what is going to be happening now and later, find colours that are around you and match to different objects, look out for different shapes around you also.

5.Story & Song - Follow the link to Twinkl and download the ebook 'Starry-Eyed Stan' Once downloaded it should open as a flip book for you to read through with your child. https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-l-54210-starry-eyed-stan-ebook-english   Once you have read the story, sing '1,2,3,4,5, Once I caught a fish alive' together. 

School Leavers Extra Challenge!

  1. Phonics - Keep practicing writing your name on a piece of paper. If you have been using dots to trace your letters, have a go without this time and see how well you can form your letters. You can even try writing your name on this Superhero Name Writing Sheet to practice further.  Superhero-Writing-Worksheet.pdf
  2. Maths - Have a go at the Numicon Find, Match and Colour Worksheet.  Numicon-Find-Match-and-Colour-Worksheet.pdf
  3. START School Challenge - Time how long it takes to get yourself dressed in the morning. See if you can beat your time everyday! Make sure you do all your zips/have a go at buttons on your clothes. 

Thursday 21st May

Hello Everyone! Good Morning Preschool. I hope you are all well! Missing you all! There will be no home learning activities set for tomorrow, and none set for a little while because you have all been working super hard and you all deserve a nice break! Next week you can enjoy your half term with no home learning activities so please have fun, relax and stay safe. Our home learning activities will start again from Tuesday 2nd June. - The PreSchool Staff x

  1. Days of the Week song - Enjoy this get up and go song all about 'Thursday'. There might be a few ideas in the song as to what you can be doing on your Thursday! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6ErdvCklrM
  2. Physical - We haven't had any Cosmic Yoga for a little while have we?! Enjoy this Cosmic Yoga Session and go on an adventure as you go on a bear hunt! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAT5NiWHFIU
  3. Phonics - Follow the 'Instrumental Sounds Home Learning Challenge' Activity Sheet.  Instrumental-Sounds-Home-Learning-Challenge.pdf 
  4. Maths- Today we are going to look at our shadows! This activity can involve all the family members. Whilst the sun is out, lay down in your garden and have one adult take a picture of all those laying down. Hopefully your shadows are in the picture too! After, look at the photo and see if you can spot who has the biggest and smallest shadow. If you can do that, explore the different shapes you can create with your shadows and maybe even have a go at some shadow puppets against a garden wall or fence!
  5. Story and Song - Sit down and read a favourite story with your child. As questions about the story as you read such as, 'What was your favourite part of the story?' 'How did the characters feel' How do you feel after reading that story?' What book shall we read next?'

Our song today will be a fun washing hands song! This song is to the tune of Row, Row your Boat.

'Wash, Wash

Wash your hands

Wash them nice and clean,

Scrub them here,

Scrub them there

And scrub them in between.


Wash, wash, wash your hands

Play our handy game

Rub and scrub, scrub and rub

Germs go down the drain, HEY!'


School Leavers - Extra Challenges!

Phonics - Using the letters in your child's name, ask your child to draw pictures of different items/objects that begin with the same letters. Your child can name them aloud to you first and the adult can write these down so you can use your list to then draw the pictures. 

Maths - Take some pieces of card and write on each piece a number from 1 to 10. You will also need some clothes pegs for this activity. Place all the numbered pieces of card upside down and invite your child over to turn over one card at a time. When they reveal the number, look at the number together and count out how many pegs you need to match the number. Attach the correct number of pegs onto the cards. This fun maths game will support counting skills, number recognition and fine motor skills.

Your extra START activity today is to take part in fun activities that get the hands and fingers moving. E.g. Playdough or Lego. This will encourage the fine motor skills and finger dexterity to help with your child's pencil control and writing.

For more activities to help prepare your children for school, follow the attachment to the START leaflet on Monday's Home Learning Activities.

Wednesday 20th May

Hello Children! Hope you are all enjoying the weather and are staying safe. Hope to see you all very soon. Enjoy your day! - Kelly x


  1. Days of the Week Song. Enjoy this song all about 'Wednesday' and some exciting things you could be getting up to today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVAHyF99NC8
  2. Physical - Create an obstacle course outside in this lovely weather! Remember to go over, under and through things! We have enjoyed seeing some of your obstacle courses already on Tapestry and they look so much fun.  Why not do another one to keep staying active?
  3. Phonics - This phonics activity will transform your living room into a life size board game! For this game you will need a dice and 26 pieces of paper (if you have coloured paper then use this to make it more fun and you can also name the colours) On each piece of paper, write a letter of the alphabet and then spread them around your room like a board game. Make a starting point to stand on and then you can roll your dice. Move the number of spaces forward and sound out the letter you land on. You can also name the colour of the paper if using coloured paper. This is a great game to play with all the family and the winner is the first person to get all the way around the board! Play it again to try and land on different letter sounds. 
  4. Maths - Place some flour or sand into a tray and using a paintbrush or your fingers, mark-make into the tray and try to form the numbers 1 to 10. You can print off pictures of the numbers or if you have some number cards at your home to place into the tray to use as visual cues so the children can see how the number looks. 
  5. Story and Song - Select your favourite book and with an adult, sit in a cosy corner and read together. See if you can spot any familiar letters or words. Younger children can identify the different objects and characters they can see in the story. 
    Our song today will be 5 Little Speckled Frogs.

School Leavers: Extra Challenges! 

Phonics - Complete the above phonics board game activity but this time instead of using the dice, you need to jump onto the letters that you find in your name. If you can jump on all the letters in order then that would be great!

Maths - Practice your number counting by completing the 'Pets Counting to 10' worksheet.  Pets-Counting-to-10.pdf  If your child is confident in counting to 10 then have a go at the 'Counting to 20 and Matching Game' worksheet.  Counting-to-20-Matching-Game.pdf 

Your extra START activity today is to talk to your child about who they would go to if they need help. Talk to your child about it being okay to ask for help and model how to ask for help using a full sentence, "Please can you help me" 

Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Everyone, I hope you are all okay and having fun in the sun! Don't forget your hat and sun cream when you're playing outside. We also have a birthday today! Happy 4th Birthday to Lawrence! Have a fun day! 

Enjoy today's activities - Natasha x

  1. Days of the Week Song and Calendar. Listen to this fun song all about the day 'Tuesday' and some ideas on what you could be getting up to on your Tuesday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIZQYCQ9bhY
  2. Physical - Encourage your child to try these fun actions by joining in with them.
    Balance on one foot and count to 5.
    Jump on the spot 5 times.
    Balance and walk along a line.
    Sit down and stretch to your toes 5 times.
    Run on the spot and count to 10.
    Hop on one foot 5 times and then change to hop on your other foot.
  3. Phonics - Follow the BBC link to enhance your listening skills. There are a wide range of different sounds we hear every day! Listen carefully to the different sounds to see if you can identify them. https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/eyfs-listening-skills/zbc4y9q
  4. Maths - Find some picture cards around the house and play a game of snap! This will test your memory skills and matching pairs!
  5. Story and Song - Read the Story, 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. Make sure you sing the song whilst you read the story. If you do not have this book at home then enjoy the animated story book here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Waoa3iG3bZ4

School Leavers: Extra Challenges!

Literacy/Phonics - Work through the 'All About Me' Booklet. Here you can practice writing your name and drawing all your favourite things to create a little booklet all about you!  All-About-Me-Booklet.pdf

Maths - Have a go completing the 'Number Formation with Stars' worksheet from littleowlsresources.com. Follow the arrows on the letters to help you form your numbers correctly then have a go at doing the whole number yourself.  Number-Formation-with-Stars.pdf

Your extra START activity today is to choose for yourself which clothes you are going to wear today depending on the weather. This will help you to think about making decisions and thinking about why you are making those choices. You hopefully won’t be picking out any scarves and gloves!  

For more activities to help prepare your children for school, follow the attachment to the START leaflet.  

Monday 18th May

Good Morning Everyone! Monday Again! The weeks are creeping by and lots of you will be starting to prepare yourselves for moving up to Reception! We will be adding a few extra activities to challenge the school leavers and help them in their preparation and transition to School. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, enjoying the glorious sunshine! 

Enjoy this week’s activities! - Hannah x 

  1. Days of the week song and calendar. Here is a fun song to sing and dance to all about Monday! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvtZFnILvmY
  2. Physical - Today sing some action songs to get you moving whilst singing along and having fun! These could be 'If you're Happy and You Know It' or 'Head, Shoulder's, Knees and Toes'. Try doing them at different speeds for even more fun! We have lots of fun completing 'Head, Shoulder's, Knees and Toes' really fast at Pre-School!
  3. Phonics - As we are set to have another sunny day today, have a go at following the 'Outdoor Phonics' activity cards.  Outdoor-Phonics-Cards.pdf
  4. Maths - Today we are going to sort some coins! Find some coins around your house, you may have to ask an adult if they have some coins you can look at! Ensure that you have a range of different coins in your pile. Pick out all the same coins and sort them into piles. See if you can recognise the numbers on each of the coins!
  5. Story - Listen to the Story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. If you have the Story at home then read this book with your child. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QzT1sq6kCY 
  6. Song - Today singalong to 'Sleeping Bunnies' Include lots of different animals too! 

School Leavers: Extra Challenges! 

Literacy - Complete the 'Alphabet Maze' worksheet. This will help practice your pencil grip.  Alphabet-Maze.pdf 

Maths - Have a go at the 'Piggy Bank Coins' Worksheet to challenge your counting skills! You will need to count the coins and also practice your scissor control to cut out the coins to place onto the piggy banks. Have Fun!  Piggy-Bank-Coins.pdf

Your added School Challenge today is to practice putting your socks and shoes on. This can be done in the mornings and if you are heading out on a daily walk. Keep practicing this until you are confident in doing it all by yourself with no help! 

For more activities to help prepare your children for school, click the attachment to the START leaflet from Peterborough City Council.  START-Parents-Leaflet-.pdf 

Friday 15th May

Good Morning Preschool. How are you all today? Can you believe we are in May already! Time flies! Let's get stuck into today's activities. Happy Learning - Claire x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Calendar - Sing our days of the week song with your family and talk about the weather outside.
  2. Reading - Read along to the story 'Everybody Worries' By Jon Burgerman with your parents. https://en.calameo.com/read/000777721945cfe5bb9cc?authid=Xu9pcOzU3TQx
  3. Creative/Crafts - Have a go at creating some Butterflies! You will need to raid through your recycling to find a toilet roll tube, select some card or paper, paint your child's hand, if you don't have any paint you can draw round their hands instead. Once your hand prints are dry, with adult supervision, your child can cut out their hand prints. Once you have cut your hands out you can select glue or cellotape and stick your handprints one each side of the toilet tube. You can then use a range of mixed media to decorate your toilet tube. Don't forget to give your butterfly some eyes! If you wanted, an adult could put a hole in the top of your butterfly you have created and thread some string through and hand it up somewhere!
  4. Phonics - Adults you will need to use a lunch box or tub and collect a range of different objects from around the house and place into the box. Make the activity a surprise to your child, "I've got some special items in my box, shall we have a look at what might be inside?" Sit down with your child and ask them questions about what items are in the box. Use the letter sounds for the objects to help the children identify the objects. E.g. can you find the object that begins with a "Ss" 
    If your child is a school leaver then use the letter sounds as much as you can to help the children identify the objects. For younger children you can describe features and colours of the objects. E.g. "Can you find something that is red and spiky?" Then ask them to name the object once they have correctly identified it. 
  5. Maths/Understanding of the World - At lunch time today, get your child to help with preparing lunch, making sure you wash your hands to begin with. Select some bread to make some sandwiches and talk about the shape of the bread and maybe where does bread come from and how bread is made. Using a small knife, let your child have a go at spreading their own bread with butter, again talking about how butter is made and maybe the colour of the butter. Once you have made your sandwiches your child can choose their filling. When cutting your sandwiches, talk about what shapes you could cut them into such as triangles, squares or you could even use a biscuit cutter to make all sorts of shaped sandwiches! Talk about the safety needed when using knives to cut the sandwiches and why we have to be careful. 
    This will all help the child's understanding of sequencing of events understanding what comes first, in the middle then at the end. The added questions during the activity will also support their knowledge and understanding of the world. Enjoy your lunch!
  6. Physical/Song - Singalong to the Alphabet Move and Groove Song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=GG44px1LfHc&feature=emb_logo

Please can we make you aware of the 'Important Documents for Parents' on the Pre-School section of the website. There are some new updated documents for all Parents to read including some more ideas on how to keep your children entertained during these times so please make sure you have a look over these. Thank you.


Thursday 14th May

Hello everyone, hope you are all okay and keeping busy. We have some more activities to help keep you busy so why not have a go at some of them! Keep uploading your activities and what you've been up to on Tapestry, we've loved seeing them so far! - Kelly x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Weather
  2. Reading - Have a look for the story 'No Place Like Home' on YouTube to read/listen to. If you have this book at home even better!
  3. Physical - Find some sticks in your garden or whilst out on your daily walk. Tie a ribbon to the end of the stick and see if your child can dance with it and swirl the ribbon in the air.
  4. Maths - Why not have a game of Hopscotch today! This is a great game to play as you can involve all the family. If you have enough space in your garden you can use chalk to draw it out on the floor, or use pieces of paper with the numbers on and lay on the floor outside or inside if it’s too windy! Find a small stone and throw the stone onto a number and say the number it has landed on. When you hopscotch up to that number, make sure you count all the other number you pass on the way. This will be a good practice of your counting skills.
  5. Phonics/Literacy - Have a go at writing you name. Your adult can write your name in bubble writing on a big piece of paper allowing you to try and copy the letters inside of the bubble writing. Parents of school leavers can also write the child's name using letter dots for the child to go over to form the letters correctly. Have a go at spelling out the letter sounds out loud as you go.
    For an extra challenge, have a go at these two letter tracing worksheets.  Lower-Case-Tracing.pdf Capital-Letter-Tracing.pdf
  6. Have a singalong to 'Ring-a-ring-a-roses' today and do the actions with your family members.

Wednesday 13th May

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your week so far with all you have been getting up to! Have a lovely day! - Hannah x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Calendar.
  2. Physical - Enjoy copying the actions to 'I Can Move My Body Like Anything' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLaJ4jyKBUY
  3. Maths - Go around your house and collect a group of different toys. These can be anything from cars to soft cuddly toys. Once you have your toys, try and arrange them in order from biggest to smallest. You can start off with 3 toys and work your way up to make it easier if you need. Think about the other properties as well such as colour and sort them into colour groups too. 
    After you have sorted your own toys, have a go at the 'smallest' and 'biggest' activity worksheets. You will need to colour in which object is the smallest on one worksheet and colour in which object is the biggest on the other.  Smallest-Picture.pdf Biggest-Picture.pdf
    Upload your sorting and ordering activities onto Tapestry once you have completed it for us to see.
  4. Phonics - Listen to "Look and All The Letters" and copy the letter names and say the sounds too. Try and think of other words beginning with the letters and see if you can find objects around your house beginning with those letters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7aV0xCcZKk
  5. Reading - Sit and Listen to the story 'The Rainbow Fish'. If you have a copy of this story at home, go and grab it and look at your book alongside listening to the story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3cmddZh6t8



???? Kids Book Read Aloud: THE RAINBOW FISH by Marcus Pfister

Rainbow Fish was the most beautiful fish in the entire ocean! The other fish were amazed at his beauty and hoped he would share some of his special scales. Let's see how it alls turns out as we read together! THE RAINBOW FISH Written by Marcus Pfister Translated by J. Alison James My Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop ...


Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning Everyone. Hope you are all well and have been keeping busy with the activities that have been set. Take care and hopefully see you all soon - Claire x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Calendar
  2. Physical - Have a game of Simon Says! Making sure you use lots of actions to get your children moving!
  3. Maths - Select your construction bricks, or blocks, sit and create various sized towers. Once you have completed your towers, try and place them into the correct height order from tallest to shortest.
    After you've built lots of towers, have a go at the Shape Tracing Worksheet. Upload these onto Tapestry once you have completed them.  Shape-Tracing.pdf
  4. Phonics - Write the letters SATPIN on pieces of paper and place them in a circle. Then using a plastic bottle, put in the middle of the circle and ask your child to spin the bottle round so that it stops on a phase one letter. Whichever letter the bottle lands on your child can try and say a word that begins with that letter. You can use objects instead of letters for the younger children but use objects that begin with the letters SATPIN.
  5. Reading - Listen to the story 'I want to go first' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SweSXYs6DZc
  6. Singalong to 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' Use your hands to do the actions of the song. 
    For all the songs we sing each day you could be really creative and make a song jar for each song. These can include any props/objects/items from around the house or that you've made which you can use to help sing the songs. We would all love to see these uploaded onto Tapestry if you do! We can then make some of these when we return to Preschool to use in our circle times!

Monday 11th May

Hello Everyone! We hope you have all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the glorious weather we had at the start of the weekend, yesterday wasn't very nice was it! Thank you to those who sent over their V.E Day Celebrations we love to see you enjoying yourselves and letting us know that you are all doing well! Please remember to keep uploading your activities and what you have been up to via Tapestry! We miss you all, hopefully we seen you soon! Have a good day - Natasha x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Calendar.
  2. Physical - Have a fun game of limbo! The first step to a good limbo is to play some tropical music, then tie a length of string between two garden canes stuck into the ground or anything you can use in your garden. If completing this activity inside then use two chairs. Take it in turns to limbo underneath without touching the string, and moving the string lower each successful time. We would love to see your limbos on Tapestry!
  3. Maths - How about a game of skittles today! Use rolled up socks or balls, plastic bottles or toilet roll tubes as skittles. This can be played indoors or outdoors, whichever suits you best. Write the numbers 1-10 onto your skittles and start the game! Count how many you have knocked over and how many are still standing. You could have a go at writing the numbers or making tally charts of how many you have knocked down each game. Have fun!
  4. Phonics - I Spy Phonics! In a bag write down the Phase 1 letters S.A.T.P.I.N. Take out one at a time and then say to your child, "I Spy with my little eye, something beginning with..." then send out that letter to see if your child can find something. For your younger pre-schoolers, you can try asking them to find different objects around the house and when they bring them back, sound it out with them so they are beginning to learn and understand their letter sounds. 
  5. Singalong to '1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive'. You can do the actions with fingers while singing along!
  6. Reading - Click on the following Links to listen to these books read by Julia Donaldson. If you have these books at home then you can read these with your child. 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTipegFbxkw - 'Cat Naps'
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPkbLC-QQ4Y - 'Singing Dad'
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPjtnWMaYh4 - 'Paula the Vet'

Friday 8th May

Hello everyone! Thank you to those parents who have regularly been posting their child’s work onto tapestry these have been lovely to see! I would love to see how the rest of you all are getting on so please remember to use tapestry to post your child’s activities. We hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend and spend lots of fun today with whatever you are doing and perhaps joining in with the VE Day celebrations! Enjoy your day and your weekend! Hannah x

1. Find a Union Jack template online and have fun colouring it in to put in your window for VE Day. If you already have some up add some more! The more the merrier!
2. I’ve seen lots of people are having a mini street party from their front gardens to add to their celebrations. If your street is celebrating, make some yummy cakes or biscuits to enjoy outside in your gardens.
3. Listen to some music in your gardens and have a big dance with everyone in your family.
4. On your daily walk today see if you can count all the flags you see around the village or near your house! I am sure there will be lots so counting hats on!

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend and please upload any of your VE celebrations onto Tapestry for us to see. Thank you!

Thursday 7th May

Good Morning children. Have an amazing day we are all missing you lots. Thank you to those parents who have been sharing their home learning activities with us on Tapestry we have loved seeing you have fun with all your activities! Please remember to upload your child's work onto Tapestry so we can see! Tomorrow there will be fewer home learning activities as it is a Bank Holiday. Kelly x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Calendar.
  2. Reading - If you have any books about getting ready for school then read these with your child if they are a school leaver. Try searching on YouTube for Preparing for School stories and watch/read these alongside your child and talk to them about starting school in September. 
    Non-Leavers to read a book with the adult about animals! Adults to ask questions about what they can see in the book and about what has happened.
  3. Phonics - For this activity you will need an open tray which can be shallow or deep (Baking tray/Tub). Adults if you could write down some letters spread out over an A4 piece of paper, these can be cut out if you wish, and lay the piece of paper into your tray. You will need to have a separate piece of paper with the same letters on to keep out beside you. This will then turn into a sensory experience for your child as you cover the letter using conditioner! (You can use alternative materials to cover the letters just as long as it covers them completely and provides a sensory experience for your child. E.g. Shaving Foam, rice, flour etc.) Next, ask your child to explore the tray using their hands to slowly reveal the letters and when they find a letter, match it to the letter on the separate A4 piece of paper. Carry on the activity until you have crossed off and found each letter. If the children enjoy this they can also do this with their numbers too. Upload photos of this activity onto your Tapestry after for us to see.
  4. Physical - Listen to your favourite song/music and dance to it having a game of musical statues!
  5. Song - Singalong to '5 Current Buns'. You may be making some cakes to enjoy for your VE Day garden celebrations, if so we would love to see these and your VE Day decorations. 
  6. Mark-Making - Whilst we are having lots of sunshine again, see if you can draw around shadows outside in the garden. See if you can spot different shapes and sized shadows and use mixed medias to draw around them such as chalk, water and paintbrush, or use natural resources. 

Wednesday 6th May

Hello Preschool! Hope you are enjoying your week so far and helping out around the house as well as completing your daily home learning activities! I have been doing lots of gardening this week to keep me busy! Enjoy your day and enjoy today's activities! - Hannah x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Calendar.
  2. Reading - Read a book with your child about numbers. You can also listen to the story '10 Magic Butterflies' on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBi_RoXKVo0
  3. Phonics - Create a phonics photo scavenger hunt! Have your PreSchooler create a photo album, either physically and digitally, with a photo of an item/thing that begins with the phase 1 letter sounds (S.A.T.P.I.N). You can extend the activity by doing letters in their names or all the letters of the alphabet if you want a challenge! Don't forget to upload these onto Tapestry! 
  4. Maths/Literacy - Complete the Number and Letter Tracing Worksheets.  Letter-Tracing.pdf  Dinosaur-Number-Tracing.pdf
  5. Physical - Inside or outside, encourage your child to move like different animals! Have them slither like a snake, hop like a frog, gallop like a horse, walk like a bear on all fours and other animals of your choice! 

Tuesday 5th May

Morning! We've seen quite a bit of rain recently, have you managed to jump in any puddles? Enjoy your day. -Natasha x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Calendar.
  2. Physical - Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course using everyday objects around the house. How about crawling under blankets, throwing balls into buckets, climbing over or under furniture and balancing on cushions on the floor. 
  3. Maths - Take some empty toilet rolls and cut them into 10 pieces, leaving 10 small tubes. On each piece write the numbers 1-10. Glue these into a tray or a large shoe box lid randomly, leaving enough room for pom poms to be able to roll between. Ask your child to roll the pom poms around so they go through the rolls in order. They can count as they go. 
  4. Phonics - Go onto YouTube and search Jolly Phonics Phase 1 or the Jolly Phonics Alphabet. The children will know these to sing along to.
  5. Reading - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im-hXlYTPSg  Cbeebies Bedtime Stories - This can be listened to before your child goes to bed in the evening.  

Monday 4th May

Hello Preschool! I hope you all had a great weekend, I know the weather hasn't been great but I'm sure you've all still had lots of fun! Have a lovely day and enjoy this week’s activities. - Kelly x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Calendar.
  2. Reading - Go onto YouTube and search the book 'Froggy Goes to School' It may help those of you that are off to school very soon!
  3. Physical - Ball Kicks - Using different size balls have your child see how far they can kick each ball. Have some fun and stand against a fence and make a goal and the adult or another family member, e.g. sibling, can be the goalkeeper and see if the child can kick the ball into the goal past the goalkeeper.
  4. Song - Singalong and do the actions along to 'Row, Row, Row your Boat'
  5. Phonics/Maths - Using junk modelling or craft materials, have a go at making an Octopus. Onto each leg put a range of numbers and phase 1 letters (SATPIN). Go around the octopus legs and have a go at sounding the letters on the legs and counting up to the numbers.

Friday 1st May

Good Morning everyone how are you all? Hope you are all enjoying the activities! Let's hope we all see some more sunshine soon! - Claire x 

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Weather.
  2. Physical - PE with Joe Wicks at 9:00am
  3. Reading - Go onto www.magickeys.com Click on the free children's story books section, then scroll down and enjoy the story of The Little Gingerbread Man.
  4. Phonics - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYyoD2YxiDQ 'Alphablocks' Series 2 SAT.
  5. Maths - Select a shopping bag from your home and walk around the house selecting various shaped objects and place them in your shopping bag. Sit down with your child and invite them to put their hand into the bag and choose an object. Talk together about the shape of the object. Is it a circle, square, is it round, pointy? How many sides does it have? Talk about the different properties of the shape.
  6. Song - Singalong to 'Tommy Thumb' today.

Thursday 30th April

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all keeping well! I have loved seeing all your activities uploaded onto Tapestry recently, you are all doing such a good job! Keep up the good work and keep posting all your fab activities! Have a good day! - Hannah x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Weather.
  2. Reading - Listen and watch today;s story, "Cat Naps" read by Julia Donaldson. Click the link below to watch.
  3. Phonics - Have a go at the matching rhyming words worksheet. Sound the letters out and find the words which sound the same and match them together! Use them as words to copy onto paper for those of you seeking more of a challenge, or use the picture cards as flashcards to hold up and let your children identify the different objects on the cards.  Rhyme-Matching-Printables.pdf
  4. Maths - If you have 6 empty toilet rolls, number them 1-6 and use them as number shoots. If you don't have any toilet tubes you can use cups. Then using a dice, roll the dice and whatever number it lands on, place that number Lego bricks/counters down the correct number shoot. 
  5. Physical - Make a Hop Scotch! This can be down outdoors or indoors! I'd love to see these on Tapestry!
  6. Song - Have a singalong to 5 Current Buns today! Get creative and create your own 5 current buns to use as props during your song!

Wednesday 29th April

Good Morning Everyone! Hope you are not getting too bored being at home and being away from Preschool! We are all missing you lots and I bet you have all grown loads. Carry on with the activities to keep you all busy! Have fun - Kelly x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Weather
  2. Physical - Follow the link below to 'Get your body moving!'
  3. Maths - Have a go at making a paper aeroplane! See how far you can get them to travel by measuring them with a measuring tape and see if you can beat your previous distance. Add some more fun into the activity by trying to fly your plane through a hoop!
  4. Reading - Follow the link to listen to the story, "Winnie's Perfect Pet" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZP87Bt_ODg 
  5. Song - Singalong to 'Humpty Dumpty'
  6. Phonics - Using just craft sticks, put a letter on each one using the whole alphabet and then on one stick place the word 'Kaboom'. This is a game you can play by placing all the sticks into a cup then taking it in turns to pull out a stick and shout out the name of the letter on it. You then keep the sticks until the end unless, you pull out the kaboom stick and you will lose and have to start the game again. See how many letters you can get before getting kaboom and if you can make any simple words with the letters you pull out!

Tuesday 28th April

Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping safe and well! I bet you have all grown since we have last seen you all! Miss you all. Let's get stuck into today's activities! - Claire x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Weather.
  2. PE with Joe Wicks at 9:00am
  3. Reading - When reading one of your favourite books today, why not try build a den in the house or in the garden to sit in to read your story. Talk with your child about the story including how the characters might be feeling, what expressions and emotions are they showing and talk about what is happening at the beginning, middle and end of the story.
  4. Maths - Select your weighing scales from the cupboard and select various toys from your collections. Place each toy into your scales and compare them against each other. Talk about the certain toys, why they could be heavier, which one do you think will be lighter/heavier and talk about what you have found after you have weighed them.
  5. Song - Sing 'Three Blind Mice' today.
  6. Phonics/Mark Making - Take some chalks outside and if the sun is shining and you have space to do so, draw around your shadow using the chalks on the ground. If you don't want to draw straight onto the ground, use some paper and make some marks/pictures onto it, experimenting with shapes and colours. Have a go at writing letters onto the floor/paper or to make it more challenging, write the letters S.A.T.P.I.N onto the ground in various places, or on different pieces of paper, and get your child to stand on the letter name you sound out. 

Monday 27th April

Hello everyone! Hope you are busy having fun with all the great activities. I would love to see what you have been doing on Tapestry - Natasha x

1.  Daily days of the week and weather.

2. Reading - Sit and read one of your child’s favourite books with them. See if they can try tell parts of the story themselves based on their knowledge and understanding of what the story is about. Also, listen out for Big Jim’s Story Time on Facebook at 11am. There are all previous stories on his page too.  

3. Maths/Phonics - Have a number and letter hunt in gloop! To make gloop just add water and cornflour together in a large bowl, making enough to add plastic numbers and letters to it. Only add all numbers or all letters into the tray at one time. You can then switch it round. Your child can then use spoons, ladles or even their hands to feel around and scoop out the numbers and letters. Say the number/letter name you find and count to that number, make the letter sound and name an object beginning with that letter. See how many numbers/letters your child can recognise and what they can confidently count to.

4. Physical - This activity is lots of fun and is great for working on and practicing those gross motor skills. Click on the link below and follow the instructions to make your sensory cube! 


5. Have a fun singalong to ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’. If you are unsure on the words or actions, type the song into YouTube.

Friday 24th April

Good Morning Children! The weather has been glorious and I hope it stays like this for you to enjoy with your families. I should think there's been lots of sunshine mentioned when doing your days of the week calendar and weather every day! Hope you've all been engaging in the activities and enjoying them. Have a great day and a lovely weekend! - Kelly x

  1. Daily days of the week and weather.
  2. Reading - Start the day off by reading one of your favourite books with an adult! Point out the different characters and objects you seen on the pages.
  3. Phonics - Adults to fill a box with all different objects from around the house beginning with the letters from our phase 1 phonics (S.A.T.P.I.N) Pull out an object one by one and ask your child to sound out the name of the object, getting them to repeat the first letter to familiarise them with the phase 1 phonics. Younger children can name the different objects and try to identify familiar letters to those related to their name and family members.
  4. Maths - Using cake cakes, write on the bottoms of them the numbers 1-10. Then using small objects such as pasta, marbles or even stones from outside, count out the number of objects and place them into the correct numbered cake case.
  5. Physical - Cast your minds back to when we were all last together in Preschool and learning all about mini beasts! Have a little boogie and wiggle dancing along to this mini beast dance! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUbYq93cYdE
  6. Song - Sing The Wheels on the Bus! You can listen to the song on your phone/laptop/computer/tablet to sing along to the music. Make sure you do all of the actions! 
  7. End your day with a lovely bedtime story from CBeebies. Here's one we've got for you.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3bDfvBwEXM

Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning Everyone! Hope you are all well and staying safe at home! Here are your Activities for Thursday! 

Today is also St George's Day so we've added a few St George's Day themed activities! Have a good Day - Hannah x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Weather.
  2. https://stories.audible.com/start-listen - Amazon's Audible Stories are offering all their stories free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet! Click the link and enjoy one of their stories. There is a section for 'Little Listeners' for more age appropriate stories.
  3. As it’s St George's Day, have some fun colouring in and decorating a traditional English Rose and the English Lion! To Extend the St George's day fun, why not try and create a shield using junk modelling and materials around your house! Upload these onto Tapestry so we can see you and your shields ready for battle!
  4. On a piece of paper, write the letters of your child's name and then cut the letters out and Sellotape them onto bricks/duplo bricks. Shuffle up the bricks and see if you can put the letters in order to form your name! Younger children can copy the letter sounds.
  5. Your song to sing today is Tommy Thumb! If you or anyone in your home doesn't know this song, play it on YouTube so everyone can join in!
  6. Have a go creating an obstacle course! You can do this either indoors or outdoors and make sure you include objects for you to go over and under and things to jump onto/off and lots of physical movements.
  7. Complete the 'Count and Match Cupcakes' Maths activity sheet.  Count-and-Match-Cupcakes.pdf

Have fun!

Wednesday 22nd April

Good Morning Preschool. I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the activities so far! I am missing building sandcastles with you all in the sandpit, reading stories at circle time and finding the matching numbers using the domino cards! Enjoy your Home Learning Activities for Wednesday! - Hannah x

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Calendar.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBb0_TooDBs Click the Link and Listen to Story 'Everybody has a body' read by Jon Burgerman.
  3. In a tray, place some mud/sand and using your finger to mark make patterns into the tray. School Leavers can use a paint brush/pencil to practice their pencil grips and have a go at copying letters into the tray. 
  4. Using some materials you have around your house, e.g. cardboard, paper, card, draw a grid on it with the numbers 1 to 10. Ask your child to pick a number they may know and then using pasta, count out that amount of pasta onto the correct number on the grid. You can use other small objects you have around the house if you wish.
  5. Sing the Nursery Rhymes, If you're Happy and You Know it. Sing the song doing all the actions in a variety of ways e.g. Fast, Slow, Loud and Quiet.
  6. Print out the Animal Cards attached. These can be used as flashcards for your child to name the different animal and make the sounds. They can also be used as an Animal Bingo card where you can play the different sounds of the animals for the child to mark off which animal it is. They can also try making the animal sounds themselves. printables-welcome-to-the-zoo.pdf

Tuesday 21st April

Hello Preschool! Hope you are all well! Enjoy your activities we've got for you today! - Natasha x 

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Calendar.
  2. Start the day with some Cosmic Kids! Go onto YouTube and type in Cosmic Kids Yoga and choose one you want to have a go at today! We've loved seeing some of your cosmic yoga already so have a go at some more to test your flexibility! One of my favourites is The Hungry Caterpillar Yoga!
  3. Mystery Phonics Bag – Find objects around the house that start with the letters ‘S A T P I N’.  These are the phase 1 letter sounds that we work on with your child. Put these items into a bag/cover them up so your child cannot see them. Then choose one of the objects and describe it to your child by talking about the colour, what sound it makes, what you use it for, to get them using their thinking skills! Once they guess the word correctly, get them to repeat the word and the letter sound 3 times. 
  4. Sing the Nursery Rhymes Humpty Dumpty and Incy Wincy Spider.
  5. Using a clothes basket, or any large basket/box, place in the middle of a room and try to aim objects into it. Make a tally/count of how many of your items you can get in the box/basket. This can be done both indoors and outdoors and please use soft objects/things that won’t break!
  6. Lastly a Storytime which can be done in the evening just before bedtime! Click the link to listen to one of CBeebies Bedtime Stories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akPQGBj-bLs

Monday 20th April

Good Morning Children, hope you are all well! Firstly, I hope you all got the Schools you wanted, I bet it all feels very real now! I would like to say I am missing our lunch times together and our daily Frube yoghurt jokes so here is one for you all! 

Why does Melody keep a radio in the fridge? So she can listen to cool music! 

Here are your Home Learning Activities for Monday. Remember to upload them onto Tapestry so we can all see them. 

Enjoy! - Kelly x 

  1. Daily Days of the Week and Calendar.
  2. If you are on Facebook, type in 'Big Jim's Storytime' Every day at 11:00am, he is live and reads a story for your children to listen to.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMah2_li9g8 You can also click the link and listen to Julia Donaldson read one of her stories called, 'The Odd Pet'
  3. Play a game of Alphabet Ball. This can be done indoors by rolling a ball to one another or outside for a fun game of catch. With your ball, each time you pass the ball you need to say a letter of the alphabet and the other person needs to think of a word beginning with that letter. Take it in turns to say a letter and think of a word. Younger children can play a game of catch to work on their physical and hand-eye coordination skills and can say the name of who they are passing the ball to.
  4. Complete the attached mathematical worksheet working on your counting skills and number recognition.  circle-the-number.pdf
  5. Sing '5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer'. Depending on how many people in your household you can have some fun and act out the song with actions!