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Activities at home

Wednesday 1st April

Hello Everyone! I hope you're all staying safe and keeping yourselves busy! As it's coming up to Easter we've added a few creative activities for you to get involved with and cam be done over the coming Easter period. Enjoy and have fun! - Hannah
  1. Days of the week/weather song.
  2. Draw and decorate your own Easter Egg design. Be creative and use lots of different shapes, colours, marks and materials! We'd love to see these uploaded to Tapestry! I have attached a template you can print off and use instead if you wish!  Easter-Egg-Templates.pdf
  3. Use the 'Outdoor Activity Cards' to copy the actions and use all your gross motor skills! Try and test each other as to who can do the most of something to make it more fun!  Outdoor-Activity-Cards.pdf
  4. Try a Floating and Sinking experiment! Use a washing up bowl or deep tub and fill with water. Collect different toys/objects around the house and predict whether or not they will float or sink when placed in the water!
  5. Have a go at completing a puzzle - challenge yourself by increasing the size of the puzzle if you are finding them too easy!
  6. Read your favourite book with an adult.

Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning! Here are some more fun activities for you to have a go at for Tuesday! Little quote for today - "Sharing is Caring"
  1.  Days of the Week Daily Song/Weather.
  2. Get Baking! If you haven't done so already, get some ingredients together and do some baking! Involve the whole family where possible and take it turns to weigh out the ingredients, looking at the numbers on the scales, using those gross motor movements to mix the ingredients together and show off your creative side with the decorating part! 
  3. Teach your children about recycling and show them some of the items which we can recycle. Get the children to help with recycling the materials. Be inventive and create a picture using recyclable materials!
  4. Read a book with your child. There are some fun Song Books on YouTube if you type in 'Barefoot Books'. 
  5. Look at some of the plants in the garden and create some flashcards on paper of the different parts of the plant and see if your child can put them into the correct order of how a flower grows. You can create your own flashcards or print some off.
  6. Allow the children to engage their imagination by carrying out role play scenarios - don't forget to join in too parents! 

Monday 30th March

Good Morning Pre-School! 1 Week of home learning complete, let's smash through Week 2! Hope you're all keeping safe! Happy 4th Birthday to Koby for yesterday! Hope you had a fun filled day!  I've loved seeing some of your home activities on Tapestry, its lovely to see what you've been getting up to! Don't forget to keep uploading any activities you are doing so we can see! - Hannah

  1. Days of the week Daily Song/Weather
  2. Create a Pom Pom Avalanche! Find around your house: A Large Colander, Pipe Cleaners or Skewer Stick, Pom Poms or Cotton Wool Balls. Fill the colander with the pom-poms/cotton wool balls, then place the pipe cleaners or sticks through the holes going through one side and out the other. (This is a good fine motor skills activity!) Once all the sticks/pipe cleaners are in, turn the colander upside down and take it in turns to remove the pipe cleaners one by one. As the balls fall out you can count these with your child to see how many you have.
  3. Have a sing song! A perfect way to stay positive is to have a little song and dance! Sing a variety of number songs, E.g. 5 Little Ducks, 12345 Once I caught a fish alive, 5 current buns etc... Encourage your children to show the numbers on their fingers.
  4. Do an activity on Phonics Play under the Phase 1 resources. https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/
  5. Relax to some Cosmic Yoga! A fun, mindfulness, relaxation for children. https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga There are lots of different Yoga adventures for your children to get involved in so these could be spread throughout the week!
  6. For the School Leavers - Practice letter/name writing/numbers/number recognition.

Friday 27th March

Good Morning! Hope you are all well! We miss you all and hope you are enjoying your home learning activities. Here's some more activities for you to get stuck into today! - Claire
  1. Days of the Week Daily Song/Weather.
  2. Storytime with David Walliams - Everyday at 11am David Walliams is doing a free story! Head over to his website and check this out! www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/ 
  3. Take a look through your cupboards at home and play a little game of Eye-Spy using the Phase 1 Phonics letter sounds. Younger children can play the game with objects and colours. 
  4. Use toy bricks/duplo/lego/blocks to measure how tall or long an object is. Stack the blocks up and count how many blocks you've used. The adult can then write on a piece of paper what that number looks like and the child can have a go at copying the number.
  5. Go out into the garden and find a ball! Play a game of throw and catch or football in the sunshine!
Have a fun day!


Thursday 26th March

 Hello Everyone! Today we have some more exciting new activities for you, we hope you are enjoying the ones we have given you so far. We hope the weather stays nice for you too so you can try some of your activities outside! Happy Learning! - Kelly

  1. Days of the Week Daily Song/Weather.
  2. PE with Joe Wicks - Some of you may already have joined in with some of Joe Wick's YouTube Exercise workouts this week, but for those of you that haven't, head over to his YouTube channel and take a look at his kids workouts! He does a live workout every morning at 9am so a great way to get up and go for your Thursday!
  3. Adults to choose a letter or two from the Phase 1 Phonics, (S.A.T.P.I.N) and ask your child to go and find anything in the house or garden that they think starts/begins with the letter sound you have given them. To refresh how the letters sound listen to the jolly phonics on YouTube.
  4. Go on a Shape Treasure Hunt! Draw different recognisable shapes onto some paper and hold them up to see if your child can find anything that looks like those shapes. Have a go at drawing the shapes too to see if you can form recognisable shapes. You could even make a telescope to add to the fun and pretend to be pirates searching for the shape treasure! 
  5. Get creative and do some flower printing. Take a flower and dip it into paint to create some beautiful spring flower pictures. Talk about the colours you use, and you could even try mixing the colours to see what new colours you can create!
Please try to upload any pictures of your children taking part in their activities onto Tapestry for all us to see all the fun too! 


Wednesday 25th March

Hi everyone, hope you have been enjoying this sunny weather and getting stuck into your first lot of fun activities! - Natasha

  1. Days of the week and family hello song.
  2.  Get the children to help with the tidying up in the house - Give the children the task to find all the socks and then see if you can count the socks, match the pairs and also try putting them into size order. Also, write a number/say a number to the children and get them to collect that many socks.
  3. Do some gardening! Go out into the garden and water any plants or plant some seeds if you have some! Talk about what plants need in order to grow and ask the questions to the children to see if they know. This will help their knowledge of understanding growth and change in the environment.
  4. Release some energy by 'Shaking your Sillies Out!' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwT5oX_mqS0 Copy the actions! 
  5. Read an animal book with your child.

Tuesday 24th March

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all okay and looking forward to getting stuck into some fun activities for you to do at home, if you haven't already started some! Also, I hope Jaxon, Charlie and Malik all had lovely birthdays! - Hannah 
  1. Part of the Pre-School Daily routine is sitting down for circle time. During circle time we clap and sing hello to every child that is in in the morning. We sing, “Hello _____ we’re glad you came today” - This will be a lovely activity to continue at home every day, to keep it consistent for the children and will also be nice to do as a whole family with siblings too.
  2.  Following on from that, discuss the day of the week with your children and the date. Then look outside and get the children to tell you what the weather is like outside.
  3.  Log onto https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/ The username is march20 and the password is home. Go to resources, then click phase 1 and there will be a range of interactive activities for you to do including guessing and copying sounds and exploring rhyme.
  4. Play a game of 'Simon Says' using a range of physical commands. For example, "Simon says jump on the spot/hop on one leg/run to the end of the garden.
  5. Read one of the children's favourite books - Get the children to find characters and objects on the page.