Honest & Respect
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Lunch Menus

 Spring term 2019 menus


Favourites Days

Please note: Alternatives and vegetarian options are always offered on Tuesdays as on other days.

Tuesday 12th March (chosen by Year 6)

Spicy chicken

Diced herby potatoes

Broccoli or cauliflower

Rocky road

Tuesday 19th March (chosen by Year 1)

Sausages and pasta in tomato sauce

Broccoli or parsnips

Oreo ice cream

Tuesday 26th March (chosen by Year 2)

Hot dogs

Potato wedges

Spaghetti hoops or cauliflower

Rocky road

Tuesday 2nd April (chosen by Year 3)

Macaroni cheese or Ham and Cheese wrap

Sweetcorn or cabbage

Oreo ice cream

Tuesday 30th April (chosen by Year 4)

Hot dogs

Curly fries

Baked beans or sweetcorn

Pancakes and Bubble gum sauce

Tuesday 7th May (chosen by Year 5)

Chicken burger


Broccoli or parsnips

Fudge tart

Tuesday 14th May (chosen by Year 6)


Diced potatoes

Peas or cauliflower

Jaffa cake ice cream