Honest & Respect
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Behaviour Management

Our expectations

We expect high standards of behaviour from all pupils and staff, which are encompassed in our school HEART values including the following:

Honesty – to own up when something goes wrong or the wrong choice has been made.

Empathy - through showing care and consideration for others.

Achievement – where we praise and recognise good behaviour. 

Respect - towards all people, in manner and tone of voice. We also expect care of property - school, personal, and others.

Teamwork - we encourage everyone to cooperate and show good manners.

In our policy you will read about:

  • Why children need to be well behaved at school
  • Possible reasons for poor behaviour at school
  • Creating the climate
  • Bullying – we also have a separate bullying policy
  • Using Rewards
  • Sanctions

Our process for behaviour management:

We encourage all of our children to tell an adult if they have had, or are having a problem. All staff will listen sympathetically, investigate sensitively and where appropriate refer the issue on to the Class Teacher, Senior Leader or Headteacher. No issue, however small or large, whether a one off incident or a pattern suggesting bullying will be ignored. We believe passionately that all children are entitled to feel happy and safe in school so our management of behaviour is a crucial part of our job. 

Children who make the wrong choices are reminded first and warned again before any sanction is put in place.

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