School Closure Protocol

Information for Parents.

In the event of disruption caused by heavy snow the prime concern of the school must always be the safety of the pupils and staff.

If heavy snow falls overnight and continues into the following day, parents are asked to observe the following procedures. The decision as to whether or not to send a pupil to school, however, must be at the discretion of the parents, taking into account factors such as local road conditions and the availability of child-care.

The decision to close the school will take account of the safety of all our pupils and staff, some of whom travel a great distance to school each day.

The Head Teacher will contact Heart FM Radio and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to ask them to broadcast the information.

Information will be sent out via Parentpay, also will be placed on the homepage of the school’s website and on the school’s Facebook page, which we ask parents to check for updates (Link at the top right of this page).

Once the school is open, we will aim to remain open until the end of the normal school day at 3.20pm. In the event of extreme weather during the day resulting in some pupils being collected early, normal lessons may be curtailed and the remaining pupils assembled in groups under the supervision of authorised members of staff to await further instructions.

Unless parents give specific permission that their children may make their own way home, children will continue to be looked after at school.

Under these circumstances, and if parents are concerned, they are welcome to collect their children early. As telephone lines can become extremely busy at such times, parents must call into the school Reception to sign children out.

Children should not bring cycles or scooters to school to help reduce risks for themselves and others.

To provide parents with information during the day, updated information will be placed on the website.

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