The Duke of Bedford Pre-School is at the heart of the Duke of Bedford Primary School and is a purpose-built setting, originally the Local Authority Children’s Centre, which has been designed with the well-being and development of young children in mind. Our committed Pre-School team, led by our Head of EYFS and Pre-School Manager, deliver quality learning experiences following the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and continually assess each child’s development and achievements to ensure their individual needs are met.

The Duke of Bedford Pre-School provides high quality care and education to children from their early years through to the beginning of their primary school career, preparing them with all the tools they will need to achieve their potential. It is an integral part of Duke of Bedford Primary School’s whole education offer for families, providing a wide range of support, firm in the belief that all children deserve the best possible start to life and learning.

If you would like to contact our Pre-School, enquire about places or wish to book a visit, please contact our Pre-School Manager, Mrs Hannah Hopson on 01733 270095, or our school office on 01733 270243.

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