French at The Duke of Bedford

French took an exciting turn in September 2022 when we embarked on a learning journey with 'Language Angels'. Students in KS2 have been learning French using the scheme, which allows the children to learn through phonics, grammar and spoken language. From early language teaching to intermediate language tools, progression is mapped and a clear path of language skill can be seen through the year groups. 
Children can access the games area of the scheme at home and the games content is matched to class learning as an additional resource. (Details on how to log in can be found on the letter that was sent home below.)


Please find our intent, implementation and impact statement for French below:


Please click the link bellow to view the programme of study we follow at The Duke of Bedford to deliver our French Curriculum. 


The document below shows the progression of language learning skills that are covered following the Language Angels scheme from Years 3 to 6.