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Here is the link to our most recent school review (February 2017) from our Education Consultant:    Education-Consultant-Summary-Report-Remain-good.pdf

Here is the link to our most recent Ofsted report (March 2014):  Duke-of-Bedford-Ofsted-report.pdf

In March 2014, OFSTED recognised our school as a ‘good’ school where children have a positive attitude to learning and thrive in a caring and supportive environment. Here are some of the key findings:

What we do well ...

  • Most teaching is good and some is outstanding. Pupils are making good progress from their individual starting points in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Teachers plan stimulating and well-thought out activities that capture pupils’ interest and help them to make good progress.
  • Children get off to a good start in the reception class.
  • Pupils feel safe and show good behaviour in everything they do. Their positive attitude contributes well to their good learning. They enjoy coming to school and have high levels of attendance. They take pride in and care for their environment.
  • The way subjects are organised and the range of activities provided in and out of school hours motivates pupils and contributes well to their good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Governors provide a good level of challenge and support to the Head Teacher. They keep a close check on the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement and the use of resources.

What we needed to improve...

  • Setting work that is at the right level to challenge all pupils appropriately, especially more able pupils.
  • Using resources effectively to explain new ideas to pupils.
  • Ensuring that marking is always consistent .

... and what we’re doing

  • Developing the quality of teaching so that more lessons are outstanding.
  • Ensuring that the learning environment is stimulating and exciting.
  • Developing the quality of feedback to pupils so that they understand the next steps for learning.

Ofsted reports for the past 10 years, including the most recent inspection, can be found by clicking here.