Policies & Protocols

What to do if you have a concern regarding your child

Protocol to follow:

  1. Talk to your child’s Class Teacher

  2. If unresolved ask to meet with the Class Teacher and Senior Leader / SENDCo as appropriate

  3. If still unresolved, please ask to meet with the Headteacher.

  4. Advice will be given on further action to take if the matter is still unresolved after all of the above have taken place.

Senior Leaders:

Miss Cunningham (Pre-School and Reception)

Mrs Sewell (SENDCo)

Mr Taylor (Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs Johnson (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs Pinguenet (Headteacher)

Use the links below to see details of our school policies.  Paper copies of our policies are available upon request.

Remote Learning information for parents:

Remote Learning Information

Safeguarding Policies:

General School Policies (Alphabetically):