Honest & Respect
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Our Staff

Our Pre-School staff are listed under the Pre-School tab.


Headteacher Mrs Cathy Bailey
Assistant Headteacher Mr Richard Taylor
Assistant Headteacher Mrs Cathy Gibson
SENCo Mrs Jo Sewell
EYFS Lead and Reception Mrs Marianne Cook
Year One Mrs Cathy Gibson
Year Two Miss Rebecca Cunningham & Mrs Jo Sewell
Year Three Miss Jo Markham
Year Four Miss Madeline Ashley
Year Five Mrs Polly Brown & Mrs Katie Howard
Year Six Mr Richard Taylor
Teaching Assistants Mrs Jani McKnight (HLTA*)
Ms Michelle Canning (HLTA)
Mrs Debbie Elliott

Mrs Alison Booth
Mrs Allison Amey
Miss Dante James
Mr Liam Rigg
Mrs Emmalene Vaughan
Mrs Lisa Twiggs
Miss Emma Foster
Miss Hollie Hedges
Mrs Laura Lewis
Miss Natasha Noble
Business Manager  Mrs Paula Pepper 

School Administrator

Inclusion/Admin officer

Mrs Emma Faircloth

Mrs Sonia Holtz

Caretaker  Mr Mark Gray
Lunchtime Assistants Mrs Gill Wilmer
Mrs Lisa Twiggs
Mrs Emmalene Vaughan
Mrs Erica Compton
Mrs Alison Booth
Mrs Rachael Green
Mrs Lorraine Foster
Cleaners Mrs Trish Wing
Mr John Paddon
Mrs June Abbott

*Higher Level Teaching Assistant